Each piece comes into being without a plan like life begins. I set my tools with care, awaiting the proper temperature and moment. The surfaces await as my ritual unfolds.

Upon the connection I do not weigh the outcome there is action.  A devotional prayer, a magical act, a turn of the wheel with focus to honor the connection. 

My artwork is an experience like eating an orange. You can smell it, see the hues, the texture of the pith, but to taste you must try it yourself. 

From the beginning my work has always encompassed upcycled materials.  I have to say I am obsessed with being as earth friendly as possible. I never thought as myself as an environmentalist, but I am. 

I struggle a lot with being earth aware and being an artist.  I want to create and share art, but I don't want to add more to our growing plastic problem and toxic chemicals found in common art supplies.

So as an artist I continue to limit what materials I use, purchase new, paint with and print upon. I spend time harvesting things I grow and foraging others; each work encompasses time and change.

I continue to shift and hope my actions help the longevity of life on our home planet. 

Creating a juxtaposition of that which is meant to naturally decay, up-cycled materials, and non-toxic resins that do not for many years.

I also incorporate expiration for death of certain pieces. Then celebrate with creative destruction for recycling. Next is a rebirth of new work and the cycle continues turning.

Thus you may find my work as an installation or as a limited moment captured. Some with the same technology to photograph the stars and objects in space and others as the encaustic botanical paintings.

Experimentation on the idea of perfection frozen in time termed 'archival' is a dark comedic joke not lost to me. I leave parts of my work exposed while others sections are protected.

My mind returns to the thought of our natural world decaying as we try desperately to preserve it under our perceived control. The Earth will exist without us.

Art to me like the Earth is not meant to be unchanging. If a petal floats away or a subtle shift in the surface occurs so be it. I marvel at the changes I see and sometimes morn at the changes I do not. It's occurrences like smile lines on our own faces with age. 

My work is about the relationship between life and death on so many dimensions including the literal plane.

Like the major phases of the moon I have many cycles of change.

I create, laugh, and learn during every revolution. 

Each work encompasses sigils, alchemy, and layers of the unknown. 

Focused on the mystery and the romance of life, death, and rebirth. 

This is about the relationship with divine aspects of life and death. 

My work is intense, deep and unafraid of nothingness.

I work to be reverent to the Earth and tradition with my selected art mediums. 

My work is ritual and the art is the outcome created in my studio. 

Awaken to the challenge of life and the beauty of death.  ​

    -Lyric Joplin